Spruce Up Your Home- Design Trends in 2014

Spruce Up Your Home- Design Trends in 2014

For recent buyers, or soon-to-be sellers, here’s ten big design trends in 2014:

1.) Wider reclaimed wood and wood-like porcelain floors
Floorboards are becoming wider, sometimes up to 5-6 inches. Mixing in different types of wood, even reclaimed boards, and keeping the stain colors warm is becoming popular. Porcelain flooring is also becoming more popular as it’s very sturdy and comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors. These types of flooring can look good with either traditional or contemporary styling.

2.) Simple cabinets and big drawers
Warm gray colors are replacing oranges and browns in the kitchen. Styles are becoming more modern and clean, rather than traditional. Hardware is also becoming less visible and more modern. Having large lower drawers instead of cabinets is becoming the preference because large drawers allow easier access, and can be fitted with removable storage receptacles.

3.) Color Palettes
Brighter colors are being sought after. Instead of beiges and whites, warm grays are becoming very popular. This is being accented with colors such as lighter greens and blues, lavender, soft corals, shell colors, and even some darker purples and metallics. Blue is being used a lot throughout decor. Four main color palettes are making a comeback: black, white and gray with warmer woods and textures; flesh tones, beiges, gray, and off-white; bolder and darker colors such as purples, reds, golds, and teals; and very bright colors balanced with neutrals.

4.) Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces
French Doors that open to the outside, large windows, and screened or covered porches are continuing the trend of blending indoor and outdoor areas. Pool houses are being remodeled to include living areas, kitchens, and fireplaces. People are also adding in fire pits, and propane heaters to outdoor areas.

5.) Kitchen colors and appliances
Home owners are adding in kitchen appliances with bold colors, and that are more energy-efficient. New counter top materials such as metals instead of granite are also becoming popular.

6.) Luxury bathrooms
Big steam showers with rain heads, large whirlpool tubs, anti-fogging devices, and even installing a T.V. are making bathrooms even more luxurious than before.

7.) More Technology
Technology is being integrated more and more from anything to lighting and heat, windows/window treatments and doors, to digital displays for watching T.V. or cycling through photos. This is becoming more popular due to less costly wireless technology.

8.) Global Styles
Mixing ethnic elements in with traditional or modern spaces can be a great way to add color into a space. Whether it’s a rug, artwork, or embroidered fabrics.

9.) Unique Qualities
People are becoming more willing to spend money on unique one-of-a-kind design elements for interior spaces. Metal or sculptural furnishings, creative rugs, and a wide variety of other unique products are being used.

10.) Accent Chairs
Accent chairs are becoming more common in order to provide more seating space, and also pops of color throughout a room. They’re also a smaller, more affordable way of introducing a new style to a room.